Tim Norbeck is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Physicians Foundation and also served as the organization’s first President from December 2003 to June 2006. With more than 47 years of experience advocating on behalf of physicians, Mr. Norbeck is recognized as having significant expertise on a number of important healthcare issues, including: the physician shortage; health system reform; and the broader social, economic and legislative issues impacting America’s healthcare system.

Tim Norbeck has been described by many as one of the strongest advocates and most eloquent spokespersons on behalf of physicians. His career in organized medicine, working for and on behalf of physicians, began with the American Medical Association. In 1973, Mr. Norbeck became Executive Director of the Rhode Island Medical Society and in 1977 he became Executive Director of the Connecticut State Medical Society, a position in which he served until his retirement from CSMS in 2006.

In his position as Executive Director with the Connecticut State Medical Society, he spearheaded efforts to create a physician-owned professional liability insurer, and the only statewide physician-owned and directed IP and HMO.

In recognition of his significant contributions to the medical profession and for his diligent advocacy on behalf of physicians and their patients, CSMS awarded Mr. Norbeck an Honorary M.D. Additionally, Tim has received several awards of distinction, including the American Cancer Society National Bronze Medal and the AMA’s 2005 Medical Executive Achievement Award.

Mr. Norbeck is a graduate of Nichols School and Hamilton College in New York. He and his wife, Michele, live in Bonita Springs, Florida.