Using Peer Influence to Increase Medical Resident Participation in One-On-One Support

Leland Stanford Junior University proposes to demonstrate efficacy of the Popular Opinion Leader approach for culture change to increase participation in existing mental health resources—coaching or therapy sessions that employ evidence-based cognitive and behavioral targeting of drivers of burnout for which physicians are at higher-than-average risk. Through a randomized trial, they will assess the effects of a Popular Opinion Leader group-level intervention designed to reduce stigma around and increase participation in evidence-based coaching and/or therapy among Stanford residents. They will also assess the impact of their MAP (Measure Align and Practice) approach. Measure involves assessing physician burnout and professional drivers, align refers to alignment of goals, practice involves learning and practicing specific cognitive behavioral therapy-based skills to achieve.

Grant Details

  • Organization Type: Academic institutions
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  • Grant Size: $149
  • Year: 2021
  • State: CA