Physician Leadership “Leading Well” Program

The Indiana Medical Foundation (IMF) operates under the control of the Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA). The IMF’s mission is to provide professional, practical, continuing or other educational and leadership programs for Indiana physicians. Since 2016, the IMF’s Physician Leadership Program has implemented sponsored leadership development programs that utilize the expertise of local community experts. This has helped to equip physicians with the knowledge and skills they need to work with teams and staff members to coordinate optimal patient care. IMF will strive to recognize and address the personal and professional development needs of all of members by recognizing the diversity of life experience and adjusting accordingly.

The program cohort will consist of participants from the most recent leadership program and colleagues recommended by district representatives. The curriculum includes participation in Washington State Medical Association’s (WSMA’s) leadership sessions, beginning in October 2021 and concluding in March 2022. Participants will be registered for the sessions, and local discussion groups following each session will be scheduled via Zoom platform. At the conclusion of the program, participants will be scheduled for a one hour session with an Executive Coach to establish follow-up 6 and 12 month goals. The shift to “virtual” programs has provided opportunities to think of creative “solutions” to restrictions on in-person programming. This includes: educational programs, articles, and other resources that reference burnout. These “solutions” will help to take action at an organizational level, as it will promote engagement and showcase IMF’s commitment to members.

Grant Details

  • Organization Type: Medical society foundation
  • Categories:
  • Grant Size: $150
  • Year: 2021
  • State: IN