Telehealth Immersion Program

The Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) and Alliance Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)3 supporting organization of the MMS. As such, the Foundation exists to support the charitable and educational activities of the Society. The mission of the MMS and Alliance Charitable Foundation is to support the charitable and educational activities of the MMS and the MMS Alliance, including, but not limited to, developing and nurturing cooperation between individuals, professions, institutions, and the community to creatively address issues that affect the health, benefit, and welfare of the community.

The Telehealth Immersion Program will provide foundational information on the telehealth landscape and explore several topics in-depth, including clinical instruction and integration with other technologies, using didactic and peer-to-peer learning sessions. Staff will work with the American Medical Association (AMA) and other state societies to create these informational pieces/sessions.

The Telehealth Initiative (TTI) survey will be utilized to evaluate how telehealth is being used in practice, what’s working well, where barriers and challenges still exist, and plans for expanded use of virtual care modalities. The MMS Team will distribute the survey across its membership. Results will be analyzed and distributed to MMS by the AMA. Lastly, through the Value of Virtual Care Project MMS will have access to the AMA’s Return on Health. CME, MOC, or PICME concepts will be explored with the collaborating state societies to allow physicians to submit data specifically measuring the value of telehealth/virtual care, and receive credits accordingly.

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