The Telehealth Initiative, 2020

The overall goal of the initiative is to develop the resources, methods, and research tools to help physicians incorporate telemedicine into their practices and to help state and /or county medical organizations develop expertise and resources to help their member practices provide telehealth services to their patients.  An initial pilot will be designed to support 3 state organizations in developing the practical resources, payer and statutory advocacy, and message development to engage physician practices.   The resources and plan will be developed and carried out by a partnership involving the Texas Medical Association (TMA) and the American Medical Association (AMA).

The grant will go to support the medical organizations in developing staff expertise, state specific resources, travel for an initial “boot camp,” and a small stipend to help the participating practices invest in technology and staff competencies.  The initial effort would be designed for primary care, Pediatrics, Family Practice, and Internal Medicine.  The proposed initial cohort of participating state medical societies is Texas, Florida, and Massachusetts.

Grant Details