American Academy of Pediatrics

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Wellbeing
Grant Size $376,971 Year 2020 State Illinois

Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) 2.0

The AAP proposes to build on WEL 1.0 to continue improving the landscape for female physicians at both individual and organizational levels. First, WEL 2.0 will expand the WEL consortium to include up to 12 United States (US) medical associations by adding partners focused explicitly on populations underrepresented in medicine, as well as medical specialties where women are particularly underrepresented. The expanded consortium – including the American Medical Association (AMA), American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA), and National Medical Association (NMA) – represents a diverse range of providers of primary and specialty care as well as significant stakeholders in the employment of health care providers. Collectively, the 10 confirmed organizations reach more than 851,859 physicians and share a commitment to fostering needed and sustained changes to support female physicians.

Second, WEL 2.0 will recruit a new group of 50 early- to mid- career female physicians (cohort #2) and provide networking, mentorship, and education around leadership, equity, and wellness. Cohort participants will engage in an enhanced, 18-month virtual training curriculum, and will be paired with a mentor from their sponsoring medical association. This experience will again be launched with an innovative visioning session led by Lumeri consultants. This session will serve as the foundation for the rest of the training, giving participants tools to craft their career plan for decisive professional contributions (their Indelible MarkTM statement).

Third, WEL 2.0 will leverage the strengths of the previous WEL graduates (cohort #1) by offering small grants to create change within their current organization related to wellness, equity, and leadership. Cohort #1 will be supported in their efforts with periodic virtual meetings to discuss successes and problem solve barriers.