Our Fellowship Program

Equipping physicians to be part of the next generation of physician leaders

Program Overview

The Physicians Foundation’s Fellowship Program is aimed to advance physicians’ leadership skills, improve physician wellbeing, address drivers of health (DOH) and lift physician perspectives. DOH recognize that the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age have a major influence on individuals’ health and the cost of health care in America.

Specifically, the fellow will develop and implement a project that supports physicians in their understanding of DOH and integration into medical practices. With counsel from the fellowship mentors, members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Physicians Foundation’s collaborating organizations, such as The Health Initiative and The Center for the Study of Physician Practice and Leadership (CPPL) at Weill Cornell, the fellow will design a project plan within the first month and present updates on the project at the quarterly Board of Directors meetings.

Throughout the project, the fellow will collaborate with the Foundation’s Communications Committee to participate in media interviews, join speaking engagements and publish articles, blogs and social media content related to the fellow’s project. At the conclusion of the project, the fellow will work closely with this Committee to publish and promote a report on the project’s outcomes that will be displayed on the Foundation’s website.

Upon successful completion of the program, the fellow will be awarded a Certificate of Physician Leadership by The Physicians Foundation at the following quarterly meeting and expected to provide an orientation regarding their experience to the next program cohort.

Program Benefits

Participating fellows will receive a 12-month stipend of $24,000 as well as reimbursement for program related travel and lodging expenses.*

Expand Leadership Skills

Learn how to be a voice for change around physician-led solutions to address patients’ DOH.

Shape the Future of Health Care

Advance research and practical resources that address DOH and their impact on health care.

Connect with

Learn from DOH experts and leaders through mentorship opportunities.


Be a part of the ongoing media and policy discourse on how to improve health care delivery.

*Note: Receipt of full stipend is contingent upon fellowship program participation and completion.

Required Meetings and Time Commitment

The upcoming Fellowship Program is for 12-months, January – December 2024, and includes the following required meetings and time commitment.



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    Open to physicians who are new or early-career in their practice.

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    Applicants must demonstrate experience with and/or interest in DOH, physician leadership, health policy, health equity and clinical/care delivery innovation.

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    Submit a program application with a current resume/CV and statement of intent that briefly describes how participation will be a transformative experience for you to learn how to make positive, constructive contributions to the medical profession in the future.

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    Receive two (2) letters of recommendation, one of which is recommended to be from the fellow's state or county medical society.