Empowering Physicians Improving Healthcare

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Insights From Physicians

Findings from the one of the nation’s largest studies of physicians

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Physicians’ Broader Vision For The CMMI’s Future: Look Upstream

The Physicians Foundation responds to the CMS’ request for information regarding a “new direction” for the CMMI

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The Myths of Healthcare Reform

Documenting the link between poverty and high healthcare costs

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The Physicians Foundation seeks to empower physicians to lead in the delivery of high-quality, cost-efficient healthcare.

As the U.S. healthcare system continues to evolve, the Physicians Foundation is steadfast in its determination to strengthen the physician-patient relationship, support physicians in sustaining their medical practices and help practicing physicians navigate the changing healthcare system.

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Good Health Means More Than Visiting Your Doctor

The conversation about how best to reform our health care system has largely centered on the battle over legislation. But underlying the contentious discussion over who and what should be covered by health insurance and the cost is an often-overlooked aspect I contend is equally important to the health of our citizenry: the factors outside of the doctor’s office that help us stay healthy.

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Contact The Physicians Foundation

The Physicians Foundation welcomes dialogue from those engaged in issues related to the future of healthcare and medical practice in America.

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