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Physicians are the foundation of our health care system and the gatekeepers for high-quality, cost-efficient care. In fact, The Physician Foundation’s 2019 Survey of America’s Patients found 91% of respondents believe physicians should have the ability to influence the health care system…


Physician burnout has devastating effects on the access, quality and cost of our country’s health care. In The Physician’s Foundation’s 2020 Survey of America’s Physicians, 58% of physicians reported often having feelings of burnout—compared to 40% in 2018…

Physicians have long experienced the impact of social and environmental conditions, known as social drivers of health (SDOH), on patient health, care outcomes, costs, physician burden and the physician-patient relationship. Indeed, in The Physicians Foundation’s 2020 Survey of America’s Physicians, 73% of physicians indicate that SDOH, such as access to healthy food and safe housing will drive demand of healthcare services in 2021…


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