Brown University, Alpert Medical School

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Wellbeing
Grant Size $50,000 Year 2019 State Rhode Island

Patient, Practitioner, Computer: Research, Solutions, & Innovations in US and Internationally

Brown will use the planning grant to establish the Planning and Scientific Committees that will create the structure for the conference, identify presenters, and work to attract submissions from the leading thinkers on the conference subject. Over the coming year, the committees will work to lay out the framework and content for a stimulating and fruitful conference.

They seek a diverse group of patients, physicians and a variety of practitioners, educators, technology designers and vendors, government officials and healthcare stakeholders from the United States and around the world ready to share their perspectives, concerns, ideas, and most of all innovative solutions with one another. Conferences typically focus on one kind of attendee, and the unique feature of this conference is that it will include so many perspectives. In addition to providing valuable learning, this will also offer opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas, productive collaborations, and practical products afterward, as emerged from our first conference. As the conference comes together they will link speakers and work to create sessions that create cohesive and stimulating sessions.


They will also use the planning year to begin identifying interest groups that can meet around the edges of the conference. They hope these may include students from the US and beyond and will be working across the year to brainstorm and plan how this might happen.