Colorado Medical Society Foundation

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $148,960 Year 2016 State Colorado

Medical Society Leadership Skills Series

CMSF will conduct a series of eight short (2 to 7 hours) training events for up to 100 Colorado physicians, each year for two years. This series will be developed and delivered based upon lessons from the Advanced Physician Leadership Program, and will be designed to enhance physician leadership capacity in Colorado and help create a pipeline of new and up-and-coming leaders for CMS to help lead improvements in health and health care delivery.

The program will target physicians in different specialties, from different practice settings across Colorado who are seeking to develop or enhance their leadership skills and who have demonstrated leadership abilities outside of the CMS structure. Importantly, special efforts will be made to provide leadership training and experience to medical students and residents, recognizing the importance of early investment in medicine’s future leaders.

Programming will include knowledge and skill-building sessions held on a regular schedule to ensure participation. In-person offerings will include topics delivered via both didactic presentations and experiential elements. Where possible, videoconference and virtual presentations will be used for shorter, knowledge-based programming in an attempt to maintain strong participation. On site programs will rotate around the state to balance travel requirements for attendees. Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of accomplishment in addition to matriculating into a ladder of opportunities for service to CMS.

Topics include:

  • Personal strengths/communication
  • Management skills
  • Public persona skills
  • Health care system information