Kaleida Health Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Other
Grant Size $629,482 Year 2005 State New York

Executive Summary:  The Kaleida Health Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo carried out a project to implement and evaluate innovative methodologies to identify and avoid adverse drug events (ADEs). The goal of the project was to generate knowledge about ADEs, such as the extent and character of ADEs and how to identify, describe and measure the events to prevent them. Funding from The Physicians Foundation supported the project staff in developing educational web-based tutorials for physicians, printed materials for pharmacists and a safety video for patients and families. After completion of the grant, the Kaledia Health Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo created content for a web-based learning tool to continue its efforts to develop strategies to reduce adverse drug events and determine optimal ways to engage patient care partners for data collection and error avoidance.

Website: http://www.wchob.org/index.asp