Tennessee Medical Association Student Education Fund Inc.

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Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $150 Year 2019 State Tennessee

John Ingram Institute for Physician Leadership

Tennessee Medical Association Student Education Fund’s Physician Leadership Immersion Program takes a deep dive into individual leadership development – a personal look at skill and strength sets. What makes this program special is the small group setting, with physicians from differing disciplines and from across the state. The first 3-day retreat allows participants to take an inward look at their leadership and conflict styles and focus on, and build, strengths for interacting and leading others. In addition to individual leadership assessments, they tackle the subjects of leading teams, dealing with conflict, collaboration, goal setting and negotiation. The second meeting . At addresses the topics of media relations and communications, delegation, time management, resiliency, advocacy and healthcare policy.

The faculty is what is most special about this course. In addition to each being an expert in their given field, they have also worked with these programs, specifically for physicians, for many years. Information is taught interactively, using questions and experiences from the small group of participating physicians.

Faculty instruct, demonstrate, and provide hands on exercises to explain and practice strategies. At the conclusion of this program physicians will be better informed and trained to lead, have new supportive peer relationships, and be armed with multiple resources to use for reference, continued learning and to share. Additionally, participants earn CME credits and a Certification in Physician Leadership.