Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation

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Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $109 Year 2019 State Minnesota

Dr. Pete Dehnel Public Health Advocacy Fellowship

The goal of the Public Health Advocacy Fellowship is to increase physician leadership in critical public health issues. This is accomplished by bringing together a cohort of passionate medical students (fellows) and established physician leaders (mentors) over 9 months from September to May for skills training, mentorship, and hands on leadership experiences.

Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation have found that while many physicians are eager to work on public health issues, they may not have the knowledge of how to foster change or skills to do so. By providing fellows with skills training like communication, legislative advocacy, and collaboration, these future physician leaders gain concrete skills needed to improve community health.

The mentoring relationship between current physician leaders and the medical student fellows is at the heart of the program. Each fellow is paired with a physician leader who has advocacy experience in the fellow’s chosen topic. The physician and fellow work together closely throughout the program.

Throughout the program, fellows receive hands-on leadership experience by completing a project in their area of interest, often in cooperation with a community organization. These projects allow fellows to practice their leadership skills in a real-world setting, while being supported by TCMS staff and their experienced physician mentor. These projects have a tangible impact on the health of Minnesota’s communities and in many cases support the leadership work being done by the mentoring physicians.

This innovative model enhances the leadership capacity of fellows and mentors alike, improves the health of communities that physicians serve, and supports the wellness and professional satisfaction of participants.