University of Massachusetts Medical School

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $75,000 Year 2014 State Massachusetts

Mindful Physician Leadership Program

This innovative 1 year Mindful Physician Leadership Program will enroll 40 practicing physician leaders in Massachusetts to receive 26 CME hours (1 day retreat, 8 hours on-line videoconferencing, and 10 hours monthly peer-led mentoring). The Massachusetts Medical Society and AAMC join UM ass to assure private practice physician engagement and likelihood of replicating the model in the future. Designed to help physician leaders improve their leadership through new skills to enhance clarity, focus, creativity, and compassion which will also help patient care and the physician’s own well-being.

Practicing Physician leaders are challenged to manage multiple complex tasks under constant pressures with limited time to reflect, be present in the moment, or allow their natural skills and creativity the needed space to enhance their natural leadership effectiveness. In addition to impacting their ability to lead, these challenges also impact their engagement with patients and their personal well-being. Health care is under tremendous transformation due to policy reforms, new technologies, and public scrutiny, increasing the need and value of helping physician leaders enhance their clarity, focus, creativity, and compassion. Mindfulness – the state of focusing one’s awareness on the present moment and monitoring the unfolding of experience without judgment – helps cultivate awareness, compassion, and acceptance. Mindful leaders are more focused, responsive, creative, and compassionate.