Wyoming Medical Society Scholarship Fund

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $150 Year 2019 State Wyoming

Wyoming Leaders in Medicine Physician Leadership Academy

The program will be facilitated over the course of 7 monthly sessions and will be aimed at developing leadership skills, preventing burnout, and encouraging/fostering statewide relationships amongst the class members and physicians in each of the session locations. Each session will occur on a Friday and Saturday and will include a minimum of 6 hours of leadership curriculum facilitated by FutureSYNC International, Inc. (FSI). The partnership with FSI will continue in order to offer Wyoming physicians individual coaching in leadership and workplace effectiveness, as they learn more about Wyoming’s health care, entrepreneurship, socioeconomic, and policy environments.

This combination of personal improvement, along with a better understanding of the state as a whole, will result in a generation of Wyoming physicians who strive to be leaders in their community, their profession, and their state. WLM physicians will become aware of new resources to support their efforts while becoming resources themselves for other health care professionals in the state. Relationship-building and interpersonal work will create a stronger class of physician, which will drive health care excellence in their local practice, regional health care system, and at the state and national levels. In addition, self-improvement in leadership-driven subject matters, such as emotional intelligence, can lead to better patient-physician communication and drive better patient outcomes.

WMS staff will serve as program staff and be responsible for the planning and facilitation of the project. The content and activities of each session will be derived from experiences and evaluations compiled in the first two years of the program.