The Physicians Foundation is seeking to develop evidence-based, physician-led approaches that encourage professional fulfillment and reduce burnout for physicians. Please click here to access the complete RFP description.

Practicing physicians are experiencing a number of challenges – a loss of connections with other doctors, decreased professional stature, increasing regulatory, payer, and operational demands, and a complexity that emphasizes metrics instead of the art of medicine. There is a greater sense of pessimism about the state of the profession, which has drained the joy out of practice for many physicians.

Efforts to address concerns around physicians’ professional fulfillment often seek to address the growing number of administrative burdens and regulations as well as offering leadership programs to elevate the physicians’ voice. In addition to the work that the Foundation supports in those areas, it would like to address the social and emotional burdens that physicians face through the research or programming sought under this RFP.

The goal of this RFP is to develop programs that promote resiliency, foster a culture of wellness, and increase professional fulfillment. The proposed project should consider some or all of the following program aspects, including:
• Adaptability for stage, age, specialty, and long-term support
• Screening tools for identifying physicians at risk for significant mental health issues
• Measurement of impact and outcomes of the program on physicians’ professional fulfillment, wellness, or personal resiliency
• Replicability in other geographic regions or practice settings

Proposal Review and Timetable
A proposal should include a description of how your project addresses the purpose described in this RFP, a proposed research plan and activities, a budget, and a brief biosketch of the key staff members. Requests should be for projects up to 2 years in duration for no more than $150,000 total.

RFP Release Date: May 3, 2017
Proposals Due:  June 2, 2017
Funding Decisions: August 4, 2017
Project Start Date: August 15, 2017

How to Apply
To apply for a grant, register and login to the Foundation’s online application system. Proposals must be complete and submitted with all required responses and attachments in order to be considered for funding in this grant cycle. Please use the Access Code “Innovation” to access the application. Organizations with a current active grant from the Physicians Foundation are not eligible to apply.