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Statement: The Physicians Foundation Applauds the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act Passage in the United States Senate

Bi-partisan Legislation Would Support Physicians’ Mental and Behavioral Health

Gary Price, MD, president of The Physicians Foundation, today issued this statement:

“The Physicians Foundation applauds the passage of the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act in the United States Senate, which would provide much needed support to help prevent physician suicide and burnout, as well as improve resources to reduce the barriers that currently hinder physicians and other health care professionals to seek mental health support.

“Physician suicide has been a public health crisis long before the COVID-19 pandemic. While suicide may be the ultimate consequence of rampant, unchecked burnout, there are many mental health challenges that physicians experience. It is in the public’s interest to help maintain physician wellbeing and lower levels of physician burnout because healthy, engaged physicians generally provide better care than unhealthy, disengaged physicians.

“The pandemic itself has shone a light on a problem that physicians have always faced: the stigma surrounding accessing mental health support and services for fear of looking weak or believing they will lose their license and credentials. Our 2021 Survey of America’s Physicians, COVID-19 Impact Edition: A Year Later found that nearly one-fifth of physicians indicated they know of someone who considered, attempted or died by suicide since the start of the pandemic alone, a time when many physicians have suffered trauma and loss.

“We need to shift the paradigm from a system where it is taboo to be open about managing burnout, depression or suicidal thoughts to one where we have a plan in place to embrace and access mental health care options without consequence. We are grateful this legislation would help provide these resources at a critical moment for the people putting their lives at risk each day to care for their patients and colleagues.”

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