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The Physicians Foundation Awards Nearly Half-Million Dollars in Leadership Grants

Funds Provide Leadership Skills Necessary to Navigate Regulatory and Healthcare Industry Changes

Boston, MA, January 9, 2012— The Physicians Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance the work of practicing physicians and to improve the quality of healthcare for all Americans, announced today that it has recently awarded nearly $500,000 in grants related to building physician leadership. These grants, awarded to healthcare organizations, universities and medical society foundations across the country, are designed to bolster the leadership skills and knowledge that are critical for physician success in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly difficult healthcare environment.

“America’s healthcare system demands that in addition to medical expertise, physicians must possess management skills to operate effectively in a multitude of practice arrangements,” said Dr. Alan Plummer, Physicians Foundation board member and chair of the Grants committee. “I am pleased to report that these leadership grants have better prepared hundreds of physicians to manage regulatory and organizational changes effectively, and to continue to provide patients with the highest quality of care possible.”

Several of the leadership-oriented grants awarded by The Physicians Foundation include:

• Case Western Reserve University – Mental health physician administrative leadership program that teaches budget / finance, marketing and strategic planning to physicians in active leadership roles within mental health organizations.

• Institute of Medical Quality – Physician leadership program that brings together chiefs of staff, committee members, department chairs and physicians to learn about legal and administrative compliance issues, as well as effective communication and professional practice evaluation skills.

• American College of Cardiology Foundation – Professional development program for women in cardiology to build leadership and career skills in both the practice and academic setting.

In addition to these grants, the Foundation has also committed resources to annually implement a three-day educational institute at the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. This institute brings together the presidents of state medical societies to learn negotiating skills and business leadership concepts to deal successfully with insurance companies, employers and hospitals.

“The need to provide practicing physicians with non-medical leadership skills has never been greater,” said Robert Seligson, chair of the Physicians Leadership committee. “As such, The Physicians Foundation will continue to provide and fund innovative leadership training programs and resources to meet these ongoing and future healthcare requirements.”

Since 2010, The Physicians Foundation has awarded 18 leadership grants across 14 states, totaling nearly $1.25 million.

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