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The Physicians Foundation’s Fellowship Program Announces Call for Applicants

Fellowship Program empowers physicians to lead programs that advance the delivery of high-quality, cost-efficient health care to all patients

The Physicians Foundation today opened a Call for Applicants for its Fellowship Program, which advances physicians’ leadership skills to strengthen the physician-patient relationship, support medical practices’ sustainability and navigate the changing health care system. The Fellowship Program is open to physicians, who are new or mid-career in their practice, and have experience with or interest in addressing social drivers of health (SDOH), improving physician wellbeing and lifting physician perspectives in health policy discussions. Applications are due Friday, March 25, 2022. The application form may be found at:

The Fellowship Program provides physician participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to improve practice environments and fulfillment within the profession. The Program offers physicians the opportunity to:

  • Expand leadership skills to be equipped to address barriers to physician wellbeing, improve practice environments and build understanding of SDOH implications for patients and physicians;
  • Contribute to the research, education and innovative grant making happening nationally that seeks to shape the future of health care;
  • Connect and learn from SDOH experts and leaders through mentorship opportunities;
  • Share perspectives in the ongoing media and policy discourse on how to improve health care delivery; and
  • Advance research on the SDOH and their impact on all aspects of the health care environment.

“For more than a decade, and long before most stakeholders in the health care system, The Physicians Foundation has been on the vanguard of recognizing and acting on SDOH. But we know more needs to be done to reduce total cost of care and achieve health equity,” said Gary Price, MD, president of The Physicians Foundation. “It is utmost of importance to us that we tap the fresh thinking of our new and mid-career colleagues as we continue to address SDOH in how we deliver care to improve health.”

The Fellowship Program will last for 12-months beginning July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023, and participating fellows will receive a stipend of $24,000 as well as reimbursement for program related travel and lodging expenses. This fellowship requires approximately 10 to 15 hours monthly for project development and implementation, along with external thought leadership activities. Interested physicians must submit an application with a current resume/CV, two letters of recommendation, one of which is recommended to be from their state or county medical society, and a statement of intent that briefly describes how participation in the Fellowship Program will prepare you to make positive, constructive contributions to the medical profession.

For more information about The Physicians Foundation’s Fellowship Program and to apply by Friday, March 25, 2022, visit


About The Physicians Foundation

The Physicians Foundation is a nonprofit seeking to advance the work of practicing physicians and help them facilitate the delivery of high-quality health care to patients. As the U.S. health care system continues to evolve, The Physicians Foundation is steadfast in strengthening the physician-patient relationship, supporting medical practices’ sustainability and helping physicians navigate the changing health care system. The Physicians Foundation pursues its mission through research, education and innovative grant making that improves physician wellbeing, strengthens physician leadership, addresses social drivers of health and lifts physician perspectives. For more information, visit

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