Robert Seligson currently serves as Treasurer of The Physicians Foundation and Chair of the Finance Committee.

He is the Executive Vice President and CEO of the North Carolina Medical Society and CEO of the North Carolina Medical Society Foundation. Since 1994, Mr. Seligson has focused on healthcare quality in North Carolina by leading efforts in the planning, development and evaluation of existing Society programs that collectively impact the overall health system in the state. He also directs a variety of advocacy efforts designed to serve the physician community in North Carolina in the areas of managed care, professional liability and promoting the expansion of existing and development of new programs to provide access to care for the state’s uninsured population.

Throughout his career, Mr. Seligson has held numerous leadership positions at renowned medical organizations and state medical societies, including the American Medical Association, Florida Medical Association and the American Association of Medical Society Executives, where he served as President in 2003 and 2004. He currently holds the position of President at the Physicians Advocacy Institute.

He has authored over 50 articles on a wide-range of medical and health topics, including health system reform, quality intervention programs and the broader financial and economic issues impacting health systems.

Mr. Seligson holds an MBA from the University of North Florida and a master’s degree from North Carolina State University. He received his bachelor of science in economics from the University of Georgia.