R. Seligson

Robert Seligson has devoted his career to protecting and promoting physicians and the medical profession. For 26 years, he served as the Executive Vice President and CEO of the North Carolina Medial Society (NCMS), where he led the state’s efforts in fostering health system innovation, physician leadership, safeguarding physician wellbeing and advocating for policies to improve patient outcomes. Now NCMS CEO Emeritus, Mr. Seligson continues to advance the work of practicing physicians on a broader scale through his leadership of The Physicians Foundation and his continued affiliation with national health care organizations like the Physicians Advocacy Institute. A noted speaker and the author of dozens of articles, Mr. Seligson has been honored many times over for his service and dedication with recognition from the AMA as well as the state of North Carolina and many other organizations. In addition to his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Georgia, he holds an MBA from the University of North Florida and a Master of Arts from North Carolina State University.