R. Libby

Russell Libby, MD, is a Board Member of the Physicians Foundation, the Founder and President of Virginia Pediatric Group, a primary care pediatric practice in Northern Virginia, and Co-founder of American Pediatric Consultants, a pediatric home care company. He is a Delegate to the American Medical Association, representing the Integrated Physician Practice Section. He is a Founder of Health Connect IPA, a primary care Independent Practice Association. Dr. Libby is Chief of general
pediatrics at Inova Children’s Hospital. Dr. Libby has served as President of the Medical Society of Virginia and the Medical Society of Northern Virginia. His work  at the American Academy of Pediatrics includes their textbook, “Guidelines for Pediatric Home Health Care,” and participating in policy development through his terms on various committees and sections.

Dr. Libby has extensive legislative experience representing organized medicine, especially on issues pertaining to malpractice liability reform, the business of physician practice, and the patient-physician relationship. He is a Founding Member of the Aetna Physician Advisory Board where he represented plaintiff physicians from the class action settlement that created the Physicians Foundation, where he is actively involved in leading their efforts on physician wellbeing. Dr. Libby earned his medical degree from The George Washington University.