Working to promote a better future for physicians and their patients

The Physicians Foundation was founded in 2003 after a class-action lawsuit brought about by physicians, 19 state medical societies and three county medical societies against private third-party payers resulted in a significant monetary settlement. This settlement led to the establishment of the Physicians Foundation, an organization which has grown to become a leading voice for physicians across America.

The Physicians Foundation pursues its mission by funding research, grants and other resources which advance the work of practicing physicians.

Since its inception, the Physicians Foundation has awarded numerous grants totaling more than $49 million to organizations including universities, hospital systems and medical society foundations. Grantees, in turn, have made significant strides in the development of tools and resources supporting physician leadership training, raising the bar for health information technology, tackling vital issues such as physician shortage and burnout, and helping physicians deliver optimal care to their patients.

Through its research and policy studies, the Foundation has emerged as a powerful voice for physicians navigating the many changes brought about by health care reform. It has worked closely with a range or organizations and grantees – including many state medical societies – to do so. As the health care system in America continues to evolve, the Physicians Foundation is committed to identifying how policy can best adapt to the real needs of physicians and patients.