American Academy of Pediatrics

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Other
Grant Size $303,041 Year 2005 State Illinois

Safer Health Care for Kids: Development of web-based resources to support clinicians in improving pediatric patient safety

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Safer Health Care for Kids program is an initiative to heighten pediatricians’ awareness of pediatric safety issues and provide information and strategies to ensure a safe healthcare environment for infants, children, adolescents and young adults. Funding from The Physicians Foundation enabled the AAP to create a comprehensive, user-friendly website that provides tools and educational resources for physicians, health professionals, administrators, families and caregivers. The Safer Health Care for Kids website offers a series of webinars, interactive expert Q&A, an email list to share comments and ideas for change and a directory of resources related to pediatric patient safety. The website averages 50,000 monthly impressions and 5,000 downloads per month. Since receiving the grant from The Physicians Foundation in 2005, the AAP has secured continued funding to maintain and enhance the website and educational offerings. The Safer Health Care for Kids program continues to raise awareness, engender dialogue and promote the improvement of care received by children.