American Academy of Pediatrics

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $149,941 Year 2016 State Illinois

Leadership Innovation Fostering Engagement (LIFE)

The project will expand the AAP Young Physician Leadership [YPLA] training program by offering an internship for early career physicians and developing virtual leadership training resources. Up to 15 Year-3 YPLA graduates will be awarded leadership internships and work with trained mentors to strengthen leadership skills. Interns will secure their own mentors and select a leadership project to work on, such as: learning team-building and facilitation skills, working with an AAP chapter on an advocacy project, working in a clinic to implement a new policy, etc. Virtual education sessions will be held with both mentors and mentees, and a learning community formed. Learning communities will meet via conference call and have webinar opportunities on advanced leadership topics. Virtual leadership training resources will be developed and disseminated widely to YPLA participants and non-participants in order to broaden the leadership footprint of the pediatric community.