Arizona Medical Association Foundation

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Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Drivers of health
Grant Size $75,000 Year 2023 State Arizona

Drivers of Health Grant Proposal

The Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) is the largest voice for physicians and organized medicine in Arizona. Its’ mission is to promote and provide leadership in the art and science of medicine; to preserve and improve the health of all Arizonans; to represent the physician community and the profession in the public forum; and to defend the freedom and ability of physicians to practice medicine in the best interests of patients. ArMA has a 501 c(3) Foundation within its structure that aims to promote and support the medical society’s charitable, public health, and educational activities. ArMA’s “Foundation for a Healthy Arizona” champions physicians, their patients, and the health of all Arizonans.

The ArMA Foundation and the state Medicaid system (AHCCCS) has led the way on drivers of health (DOH) awareness, funding for and uptake in best practices for screening and service delivery based on DOH needs has been lagging in local medical communities (outside of primary care residency training sites).DOH will continue to be a focus of ArMA into 2023 and beyond, with ongoing CME-related education on this topic, and a continuing, monthly spotlight on members who are incorporating DOH best practices and innovations into their routine patient care.

Locally, the goal is to engage with a second, additional cohort of medical practices for another 5 practices in DOH practice improvement efforts in 2024 as an ongoing and iterative quality improvement project. Nationally, the aim is to look at a larger collaboration with other state medical associations to be able to share resources and maximize effort. ArMA already has ongoing CME and other collaborations with Wisconsin and Missouri State Medical Associations. Its’ aim is to create strong partner organization relationships and invite additional organizations to join the DOH coalition over time.