Community Service, Education and Research Fund (of Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society)

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Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Wellbeing
Grant Size $144,320 Year 2021 State California

Joy of Medicine

The Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society (SSVMS) is dedicated to bringing together physicians from all modes of practice to promote the art and science of quality medical care, and to enhance the physical and mental health of our entire community. In continuous operation since 1860, SSVMS has nearly 6,000 physician members in Sacramento, El Dorado and Yolo Counties. In 1966, SSVMS established the Community Service, Education and Research Fund (CSERF), a 501 (c) 3. CSERF has multiple programs that benefit both physicians and patients in the local community.SSVMS’s programs are focused on increasing access to healthcare services, improving health outcomes, and building the future of healthcare.

The Joy of Medicine program is a multilateral approach to physician well-being through building personal resilience, connecting with colleagues, and collaborating with physician leaders of medical groups to foster a culture of wellness in the local physician community. To address personal resilience, the program provides multiple services at no cost for practicing physicians and residents. CSERF has worked collaboratively with the California Medical Association (CMA) on the Joy of Medicine since the program’s inception in 2017. The CMA started a wellbeing program, but recognizes that physician wellness is a local issue, and that the medical societies are best at enacting change and providing services directly to physicians. SSVMS has trained many medical societies in and outside of California to start their own wellbeing programs. We will continue to work with CMA and other medical societies to provide training and guidance on starting their own wellbeing programs.

The most widely used service is Resiliency Consultations, which are confidential counseling sessions with a licensed psychologist or life coach vetted by SSVMS. Physicians, regardless of membership status with the Medical Society, are eligible to receive up to six (6) sponsored, lifetime Resiliency Consultations. Other programs include : Physician Peer Groups, which are small groups facilitated by a psychologist that allow physicians to connect and create meaningful relationships and education through wellness seminars/webinars and an Annual Joy of Medicine Summit. The Joy of Medicine program continues to foster positive changes in the culture of physician wellbeing. First, SSVMS collaborates with physician wellness leaders through the Joy of Medicine Advisory Committee. Made up of Chief Wellness Officers, this committee meets quarterly to share best practices, and to assist SSVMS in the creation and sustainability of the program. The program also launched a podcast, Joy of Medicine – On Call, featuring local physicians who have inspiring personal stories to tell.