Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $150,000 Year 2015 State Maine

Physician Executive Leadership Institute Augmented

The Hanley Center’s initiative dovetails with the Center’s need to develop a plan for the next phase of the Physician Executive Leadership Institute (PELI). PELI was initially envisioned as a 5 year initiative aimed at building physician leadership capacity across an entire state. It is now in the 4th year of the project & the Hanley Board is beginning an extensive process to chart a course for PELI going forward. The program was informed by a recently completed survey of healthcare CEOs & senior physician leaders & a special one day forum in June involving many of these same leaders. The purpose of the survey & forum was to better understand emerging leadership needs of senior decision makers & their respective organizations, so that Hanley can adapt its current leadership programs & introduce new programs & services in the coming years.

The grant supports this extensive planning effort by reconstituting the existing, physician-led PELI Steering Committee, expanding its membership to include physicians who have been highly involved in PELI at both the Foundational & Advanced levels. Under the guidance of the Steering Committee, Hanley will plan and launch 1-2 pilot programs, one in one of Maine’s most remote regions and a second in our largest community, which has many independent practices, to build leadership skills among physicians who otherwise would be unable to take advantage of our programs. A culminating final report will be drafted with an eye toward how the Hanley Center’s experience can be shared & put to use nationally.