Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $324,916 Year 2015 State Maine

Leadership Development in Residency Programs – Implementation and Portal/Evaluaton System Creation

There is a strong need for a leadership curriculum in residents, and this is often a gap in current medical training programs. The Hanley Center is furthering the work of a prior PF grant that collaboratively developed a Residency Leadership Curriculum. Specifically, this grant will:

1. Implement the Residency Leadership Curriculum in 3-4 pilot sites in 3 different states. The Hanley Center,  with the Residency Leadership Curriculum Advisory Committee, has the connections & relationships to enable 3-4 pilot sites to implement the curriculum in the next 2 1/2 years.  A few potential pilot sites shared that they would prefer that the portal & on-line evaluation/monitoring system be developed prior to pilot implementation.

2. As mentioned in #1 above, this grant seeks to create an on-line curriculum portal designed to make the curriculum customizable for each residency program & the learning easily accessible from anywhere at any time. A healthcare educational web developer will be engaged to complete this work together with the Advisory Committee that collaborated on the curriculum & other physician leaders.

3. At the essence of the need to develop a leadership curriculum for new physicians is the acknowledgement that newly licensed physicians enter a healthcare delivery system that is rapidly changing, pushing them to demonstrate leadership skills & an understanding of systems, strategy, business & collaboration. It is also true that many of their mentors also never received the leadership training that should underpin faculty mentoring relationships with residents. To meet this need for those faculty members who can benefit from training in these areas, the Hanley Center will further develop the 2 day faculty session designed to affirm their understanding of the importance of including leadership components in residencies & include modules that mirror the curriculum’s leadership modules to ensure faculty are fully equipped to mentor their residents through the program. The faculty training, once developed, can also be available through the portal, but this grant does not contemplate that work to design it on-line.

4. Create a robust evaluation methodology with on-line evaluations & tracking for both residents and faculty. The Physicians Foundation is making a substantial investment in a successful launch of the curriculum with the goal of long term fiscal sustainability of the program. This curriculum will benefit from the success of its participants & a thoughtfully created on-line evaluation & monitoring system. The ability for both faculty & residents to track residents’ progress & regularly check in with one another to discuss the materials & the curriculum will add important depth to the residents’ experience and learning.