Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Perspectives
Grant Size $150,000 Year 2020 State Michigan

Direct Primary Care Conference 5.0

Ultimately, Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation (D4PCF) seeks to expand the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement, facilitate the launch and sustainability of new DPC practices, and develop online training tools freely available to physicians nationwide to adopt and thrive in the practice model.

They will replicate a great deal of the process that created the success of their four previous conferences. The improvements to the conference are as follow.

• DPC Digital Platform – D4PCF have launched a new digital platform with a user interface and search functionality to increase the ease of use in learning from prior conferences. This year’s event will continue expanding their training for the DPC practice model, focus on practical nuts and bolts processes to running a practice, and staying current with the latest innovations discovered by those in the field.

• Marketing/Publicity – They seek to reach beyond our physician networks with a proper media campaign to connect with physicians across the USA.

• Product Development/Editing – D4PCF will produce conference videos, other online support tools for attendees, and an online library for prospective physicians to explore DPC.

They will be changing the location to a venue at a more central national travel hub. This will allow for a larger audience by cutting the costs and time commitment for attendees. The three primary locations under review are Las Vegas, Denver, and Houston.