Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

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Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Perspectives
Grant Size $262,488 Year 2017 State Michigan

Direct Primary Care Conference

The Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation will conduct a third Direct Primary Care (DPC) CME conference to add more physicians to the practice model, solidify physician autonomy, and expand training with a third track for growing and maturing existing DPC practices. Our goal is to train 300 Doctors in the DPC practice model that will ultimately deliver comprehensive, personal, and ongoing primary care under complete physician autonomy. With each conference, we increase the number of doctors reclaiming the value of their clinical judgment and their physician autonomy allowing them the flexibility to develop the medical practice and lifestyle of their choosing. This conference will enhance the institutional knowledge of DPC and facilitate the transmission of the practical wisdom gained on the front lines of care – peer to peer.

Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation has become the primary source for information, training, and wisdom in this space, in part, by maintaining our video courses online for free. As the Direct Primary Care practice model matures, our conference leaders are responding to attendees with the addition of a third track for practices moving beyond startup and stability to innovation and growth. At the heart of our efforts is the drive to build diverse local practice models to resurrect the practice of primary care united with the economic power to defend itself and the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. We are attempting to help the generation’s doctors, through DPC, to build sustainable practices.