Foundation for the Pennsylvania Medical Society

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Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $147,000 Year 2015 State Pennsylvania

CMO Leadership Series – Part II

The CMO Leadership Series Part I and Part 2 offer an organized forum for CMOs to meet, discuss issues, support each other and share information.  Other professional organizations within the state have attempted to infiltrate and organize this group, but PAMED is a trusted partner of physicians and was able to successfully launch Part 1 of the CMO Leadership Series.  PAMED will partner with the American Association of Physician Leadership (AAPL) to develop a program of quarterly meetings that are both educational and informational.  They will allow an opportunity for continuing leadership training as well as the sharing of information facilitated by professionals in the field of physician executives.  PAMED will work with AAPL to develop a survey to identify topics of interest to this group, as well as provide an opportunity for them to express any concerns such as the possible sharing of information with competitors, etc.  PAMED will establish a schedule of training activities designed specifically for this target population.  Educators from AAPL will provide the training and facilitate information exchange and discussions.  Course topics will cover health care law, integrated health systems, ethical challenges, management skills, quality management, improving technology and many other leadership development topics of value to this group.

Upon completion of the leadership series, CMOs will increase their competency to work with three distinct constituencies and apply their learned skills to increase the level of collaboration with medical staff, physician leaders and physician executives. CMO participants should be able to increase their skill set and their capacity to build a culture of cooperation within their organization. As a result of participation in, and completion of, the CMO Leadership Series, CMOs will have the opportunity to offer meaningful input, provide leadership and be participatory in strategic thinking. Realistic recommendations for change and practical guidance will help CMOs to expand their leadership capabilities and to establish networks to be supportive of one another and seek skills, knowledge, and expertise rooted in a shared vision to increase authentic buy-in and engagement among physicians.  CMOs will expand their level of knowledge in finance and business operations and they will increase in their soft skill competencies that enhance their ability to be an effective advocate for physicians and agent for change rooted in the common goal of ensuring quality in their practice, their hospital culture, and future of care in their communities.