Health Leads

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Other
Grant Size $1,000,000 Year 2010 State Massachusetts

Initiative to expand and deepen Health Lead's core model of providing services that will improve the health of poor and disadvantaged patients and families

Over the next four years, Health Leads plans major expansions in its work. It will grow ninefold the number of patients assisted successfully, hoping to create 25,000 more resource connections for vulnerable patients than if the current rate of growth were sustained. It will build capacity for more cities, sites and volunteers adding two new cities, nine new sites in academic medical centers and community health centers and expanding by 4,000 volunteers, of whom it is expected that 2,600 will become physicians or other front-line healthcare providers, many in primary care settings. Health Leads will also seek to prove the return on investment and health related impact of its service model through comprehensive evaluation and addition of technology. If additional hospitals are convinced to pay for help desk services, Health Leads will take this as evidence of an established market rate for its product, as well as a revenue source.