Maine Medical Education Trust

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Drivers of health
Grant Size $75,000 Year 2005 State Maine

Supporting Physicians to Integrate Social Drivers of Health into their Medical Practice

The Maine Medical Education Trust (MMET), is the not-for-profit arm of the Maine Medical Association (MMA). The MMA is the state’s largest physician professional organization representing more than 4,300 Maine physicians, residents, and medical students. The MMA Center for Quality Improvement (MMA-CQI) is a program of the MMA that regularly provides services through the MMET in accordance with an administrative services agreement between the MMA and MMET. The Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership has no governance relationship with the MMA or MMET, but the organization was established with its administrative home at the MMA, and it has been a close partner of the MMA and MMET in promoting health care leadership development, health care quality improvement, and efforts to address diversity, inclusion, and health equity.

The mission of the Maine Medical Association (MMA) is to support Maine physicians, advance the quality of medicine in Maine, and promote the health of all Maine citizens. The MMA has a long-standing history in Maine including its partnerships with several organizations and now serves as home to the Center for Quality Improvement (MMA-CQI). The MMA-CQI team provides quality improvement consulting, project management, evidence-based education, and evaluation services to clinicians, healthcare organizations, and communities. The focus in this project is to provide the education and technical assistance necessary for medical practices to implement or better implement drivers of health (DOH) screening tools and to support the physicians and their practice teams to analyze and utilize screening results to assure that every patient who screens positively for DOH is connected to the right services at the right time.