Medical Association of Georgia Institute for Excellence of Medicine

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Other
Grant Size $652,200 Year 2005 State Georgia

Initiative to educate physicians about adoption of health information technology

Executive Summary:  The Medical Association of Georgia Institute for Excellence of Medicine created an e-Technology series to educate physicians on the use of technology and actively promote its adoption. The series included five online videos which were available on the project website. Funding from The Physicians Foundation supported the Institute in presenting 23 on-site educational activities throughout the state that were attended by nearly 600 participants and developing two Electronic Medical Records Best Practices Conferences. After the conferences, the Institute developed an online forum to create a communication venue between participants and an e-Tech Awards program that recognized work in replicable, innovative technology solutions that demonstrated a positive impact on clinical practice. The Institute also created a CME program on new technologies and developed two CME Outcomes Forums. The grantee continued its work to educate and support physicians in adopting HIT by working with four pilot groups to apply the training gained from the e-Tech series to make quality care changes in their practices.