Medical Society of Virginia Foundation

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $150,000 Year 2015 State Virginia

EvolveTM 2.0 –  Leadership Through Collaboration

The Medical Society of Virginia Foundation (MSVF) runs a physician led interprofessional clinical team leadership program called evolveTM 2.0.  Based on feedback and the success of the previous cohorts, they have continued the leadership program, offering one per year.  Each program consists of (4) in-person sessions for physician-led clinical teams to attend together over a span of 5 – 6 months. Expert faculty is utilized to share knowledge and facilitate discussions on the changing landscape of 21st century healthcare and its implications for health care organizations, the importance of collaborative teamwork and leadership to meet strategic challenges in the new healthcare environment, fundamentals of collaborative leadership and teamwork, and opportunities to apply the learnings. A capstone project is included with the final session dedicated to a “teach back” session where teams will present their projects and lessons learned.  From previous experience and program surveys, MSVF has found this teach-back session to be highly engaging and valuable. Participants learn from others’ experiences, share ideas and take information back to their workplaces. Many teams follow up with each other after the program to learn more or collaborate further. Throughout the program, an online support center will be available to team members to provide additional resources in support of all topics and sessions as well as the capstone.

To further enhance and scale the program, they will reach more clinicians by expanding the digital learning platform.  This expanded online learning includes making available content from expert faculty at the sessions in addition to topics that may not have been covered in class but have widespread appeal to a physician audience.  This would allow a broader range of physicians to benefit from the topics shared at the sessions or topics that are relevant in the current healthcare environment.