Montana Medical Association Foundation

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $150,000 Year 2016 State Montana

Montana Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program

The Montana Medical Association Foundation will be continuing the Montana Medical Association’s Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program and the build of a second tier program component for alumni.  The MMA developed this program in 2013 to build leadership capacity among Montana physicians in support of their professional success in an ever changing health care system.  Through the learned use of leadership tools and intentional strategy, this program builds and enhances the distinct leadership skills now needed by physicians to fill emerging leadership roles, influence state healthcare policy, and drive change that can lead to better patient care in Montana.

The MMA, in close partnership with one of Montana’s top leadership firms, FutureSync International, Inc., (FSI), has brought together the best approaches in establishing this “Future Focused”™ physician development process that includes a series of high impact incremental core learning modules to provide physicians with the tools, skills, and learning opportunities to engage effectively in leading and influencing the future direction of health care.  Additionally, physicians are introduced to Montana specific healthcare policy topics and challenges that are financially and politically driven, and prepares them to be engaged in the policy setting arena. This program includes community learning conversations to broaden participant awareness of healthcare issues, such as financing within hospitals, and healthcare delivery system challenges and innovations.

The core program consists of seven Friday/Saturday sessions held across the state of Montana, beginning in late September and ending in May.  The enhancements will include the development and production of online leadership talks envisioned to support the concepts presented in the class, to serve as a refresher for alumni and introductory learning points for other physicians.

The program’s inclusion of an advanced, second-tiered leadership learning and networking component concept for graduates will also continue as embraced and initiated in 2015. This advanced learning component includes a learning session and is timed to connect graduates with other physician leaders and legislative and governmental decision makers.  By working with alumni, staff will advance the creation of a leadership support network through a mentorship program.

Acknowledging this program can serve as a model for other rural states and those states that lack a medical school within its borders, the MMA has invited Wyoming Medical Society staff and a Board member to audit several sessions of the 2016/17 program.  A portion of the funding provided through this grant will support this new endeavor to assist Wyoming, a neighboring state, in the exploration of its adoption of the leadership program by covering associated costs to attend.