Physician Health Services, Inc.

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $50,000 Year 2014 State Massachusetts

Physician Leadership: Managing Workplace Interactions

As part of its education and prevention services, Physician Health Services co-sponsors an educational program designed to assist physicians in dealing with challenging workplace interactions. PHS would now like to build upon this successful program by incorporating an element of physician leadership that will allow participants to better explore the underpinnings of workplace conflict, by viewing the same from multiple perspectives.

The expanded course, to be entitled “Physician Leadership – Managing Workplace Interactions” will offer a full additional day of educational content with category I CME credit that focuses on viewing the challenges of the medical environment from both the perspective of those in clinical practice and those in administration and leadership. Through role-play and interactive exercise, physician attendees will be able to explore the relationships that drive the medical work environment while developing strategies to bridge gaps and meet mutual goals.

Disruptive behaviors and managerial miscommunications can impact a physician’s ability to practice medicine effectively or a medical facility’s ability to function smoothly. This experiential course will rely largely upon examination of actual workplace conflicts as examples for exploration and change. The program focuses on developing skills and motivation to make lasting modifications from both a practicing physician’s perspective and from the perspective of management, with an overall goal of com batting frustration and burnout among talented physicians, and enhancing the medical environment.