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Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Perspectives
Grant Size $150,000 Year 2016 State Texas

Joint Conference for Physicians

The purpose of this conference with the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation and the Texas Medical Association is to present these topics and to give doctors information that they need to create DPC practices, and to understand options to the current MOC process. The goal is to provide doctors with the tools to become successful in both areas and present obstacles that they need to be aware of.

The meeting will be 2 parts- 1 ½ days devoted to DPC and ½ day for MOC.

The DPC portion of the meeting will consist of a series of didactic lectures given by experts in the field of direct primary care. We will cover how to set up a DPC practice and explain the differences from other non 3rd party payer models. We will explore legal issues, accounting issues, contracting issues, marketing strategies, relationships with the business community and with specialists, innovation associated with DPC, the role of DPC and Medicaid, and other topics important to a DPC physician.

The second day will be a half day of breakout sessions where the experts will be available for small group sessions and cover specific questions from the attendees, but focus on logistics of setting up a DPC practice, legal concerns, and how to grow & market a DPC practice.

We plan to invite 2 keynote speakers with whom D4PCF has a relationship, and who have impressive resumes and have devoted a good deal of their time to healthcare and have written books devoted to this. The first is David Goldhill- president of the Game Show Network. The other is Arthur Brooks- the President of the American Enterprise Institute.

The MOC portion of the meeting on the 2nd day will consist of didactic presentations from experts in this field, a point- counterpoint exchange between a board member from the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and an anti-MOC doctor from the NBPAS, and a panel discussion. We hope to have Kurt Eichenwald as our keynote speaker for this section- an investigative reporter for Newsweek who has written a series of articles exposing the ABIM and ABMS excesses as they relate to the MOC process.

We will invite sponsors to participate in the meeting who will be helpful to doctors interested in establishing DPC practices.