The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society

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Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Perspectives
Grant Size $91,080 Year 2012 State Pennsylvania

Designing the Optimal Governance of a Health System

The Task Force to Design the Optimal Governance will research a wide range of sources and design a methodology to develop governance models which will allow for local variation in markets. The Task Force will take into account current and pending new regulations and requirements, federal and state guidance and credentialing and regulatory organizations. Pathways that build effective governance and a resource toolkit will be developed and shared with Pennsylvania systems. The goal is to increase knowledge and resources for physicians to empower them to participate effectively in their health systems as new models evolve.  The project aims to identify services that PAMED and other societies can offer physicians, groups, and health systems so physicians and societies can respond to the changing healthcare environment. Expected outcomes include: the availability of a new path to governance that “solves” issues, while respecting local environmental and practice issues; and,  successful implementation in an existing system, with satisfactory signoff by senior executive and physician leadership that the new model works in their environment to promote success.