Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $142,969 Year 2021 State Minnesota

Dr. Pete Dehnel Public Health Advocacy Fellowship

The Twin Cities Medical Society and the Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation (TCMS) represent 4,500+ physicians, residents and medical students in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota. TCMS has a rich history and proven track record of engaging physicians and medical students in community-driven public health initiatives in support of creating healthy, equitable, and thriving communities. The program teaches many kinds of advocacy – from the more traditional topics of legislative and communications skills to community organizing and movement building tools, and teaches that all kinds of advocacy are needed to create healthy, thriving communities. The organization believes that this allows future physician leaders to discern where they can most effectively and sustainably engage in physician advocacy and provides students with a diverse set of tools that they can apply depending on the context of their leadership.

The Dr. Pete Dehnel Public Health Advocacy Fellowship is also notable in its focus on fostering sustainable leadership over the course of a physician’s career. While the field of medicine and medical training programs are often focused on clear outcomes, progress is much messier in the world of public health advocacy. By framing public health leadership as a long-term practice that is done in relationship with other physicians and community members, TCMS prepares physicians to engage in meaningful public health leadership over decades. Twin Cities Medical Society will continue to improve this innovative leadership development program, serve additional physicians and future-physician leaders, pursue new avenues for dissemination, and convene other local organizations working to support physician leadership in public health advocacy to share best practices and lessons learned.