University of North Dakota

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Other
Grant Size $370,452 Year 2006 State North Dakota

Initiative to establish a practice-based research network in North Dakota

Executive Summary: Northstar has recruited 34 primary care practitioners from around the state to participate in the network. The grantee hired a Network Coordinator, developing a brand and creating a website. As part of developing its infrastructure, Northstar staff visited the Oklahoma Physicians Resource / Research Network and observed the operations. Northstar established a governing board of eight experts in various areas of healthcare, including six physicians. Northstar conducted three research projects: 1) Dilated Retinal Exams in Clinical Care – reviewed the rates of dilated retinal exams for diabetics in rural areas; 2) Tobacco Cessation Interventions in Pregnancy – identified the tobacco cessation practices used by physicians for pregnant women; and 3) Diabetes Care Interventions: A Best Practices Study –identified which diabetes care interventions produce better outcomes in clinics.