Utah Medical Association Foundation

Grant Details

Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $150,000 Year 2018 State Utah

Utah Physician Leadership Development Program

The Utah Physician Leadership Development Program includes case studies, exercises, and colleague interactions that train the physician to become a leader in healthcare, in their organization, in their practice and in their personal life. The program is designed to help physicians feel safe in an open, non-competitive learning environment and to build relationships across specialties and healthcare systems. During this program, the physicians learn interpersonal, communication and organization skills; gain a better understanding of their personal strengths and of others’ strengths; share concerns and innovative ideas; and gain insight from other participants. They learn to utilize their skills and strengths, as well as utilize the skills of others, and become an extraordinary leader.

The Utah Medical Association Foundation (UMAF) will continue to offer two and a half day conferences concentrating on five subjects and seminars for specific topics of interest or need. The LEAD Team faculty from BYU Marriott School of Management in the Department of Organizational Leadership and Strategy has agreed to partner with the UMAF again on the development and delivery of the Utah Physician Leadership Development Program.