Washington State Medical Association Foundation for Health Care Improvement

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Organization Type Medical Society Foundation Categories Physician Leadership
Grant Size $150,000 Year 2016 State Washington

Physician-Administrator Team Leadership Course

This three-day, in-person educational workshop is designed for physicians and their administrative dyad partners. Teamwork is necessary to achieve better outcomes. Having the whole team on the same page for the right reasons is crucial to drive real change. WSMA’s dyad leadership course is designed as a working retreat focusing on three aspects of leadership development:

  1. Assessment of current individual, dyad and team function, with attention to opportunities for improvement.
  2. Construction of a remediation process using classroom-based and health care facility-based resources to plan for individual, dyad and team growth.
  3. An evaluation of progress toward goals at the completion of the course.

Specifically the three-day course is presented as two consecutive discovery and application days in person and then a subsequent third day two-three moths later, during which a capstone project is presented by each team. During the capstone presentations the teams also demonstrate the applications of the leadership concepts taught during the initial first two days.