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Physicians Foundation Provides $700,000 in Grant Funding for Physicians Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

Boston, MA, December 18, 2012 The Physicians Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance the work of practicing physicians and help facilitate the delivery of healthcare to patients, is providing $700,000 to assist doctors in New York and New Jersey with their rebuilding efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The Medical Society of the State of New York and the Medical Society of New Jersey will each receive a $350,000 grant to be distributed to physicians with the most critical need.

“Our goal is to give physicians the resources and support they need to reestablish healthcare delivery in affected areas,” said Dr. Alan Plummer, Physicians Foundation board member and chair of the Grants committee. “We feel a responsibility to help physicians in New York and New Jersey who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy rebuild their practices, so they can focus on caring for their patients and providing the best quality medical care available.”

The fund was created to alleviate losses to healthcare delivery caused by the storm and mitigate the deterioration of healthcare infrastructure that is essential to New York and New Jersey communities. The grant can be used many ways including relocating or rehabilitating the physicians’ medical offices, replacing equipment, rebuilding patient records and payment of temporary operating expenses.

“The impact of Hurricane Sandy is unprecedented in New Jersey and many of our physicians are struggling to rebuild,” said Larry Downs, CEO and General Counsel of the Medical Society of New Jersey.  “This generous grant will greatly assist doctors hardest hit by the storm so they can continue to meet the healthcare needs of their community.”  

“Doctors are among the first to respond when a disaster strikes,” said Philip Schuh, CPA, Executive Vice President of the Medical Society of the State of New York. “This money will be of great assistance to those who were on the front lines during the storm and we are grateful for this substantial grant provided by the Foundation.”

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