2012 Next Generation Physician Survey

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This physician survey, which polled 500 young physicians (aged 40 and under), gauged sentiment about the future of the U.S. healthcare system and their own practice experiences.

Young Physicians Pessimistic about the Future of U.S. Healthcare

Executive Summary: Fifty-seven percent of young physicians (40 years of age and under) are pessimistic about the future of the U.S. healthcare system. Key insights from the physician survey point to the new healthcare law as the key source of concern for America’s next generation of physicians. Other reasons cited for physician pessimism include concern over increased regulatory burdens and medical liability insurance premiums.

The survey also examined young physician sentiment regarding their current practice arrangements. Only 35 percent of these newly minted physicians consider themselves “highly satisfied” with their current practice arrangements. For more than half of respondents (65 percent), financial considerations, including income and cash flow, were the primary drivers in choosing their current practice arrangements.

This physician survey, conducted in December 2011, is based on responses from 500 physicians, 40 years of age and under, across the United States.

To access the full report on the survey, please click here.