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The Physicians Foundation Awards More Than $1.5 Million in Physician Leadership Grants

Funds Provide Management Skills Necessary to Navigate Ongoing Regulatory and Administrative Changes within U.S. Healthcare System

Boston, MA, March 5, 2013 — The Physicians Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance the work of practicing physicians and help facilitate the delivery of healthcare to patients, has recently awarded more than $1.5 million in grants designed to foster physician leadership skills. The 17 grants, awarded to healthcare organizations and medical society foundations across the country, aim to create resources and programs to train physicians and medical professionals in leadership, business management, communication and interdisciplinary collaboration.

“In today’s challenging healthcare environment, it is imperative that medical practices remain viable so that doctors can continue to provide the highest quality of care possible to patients,” said Dr. Alan Plummer, Physicians Foundation Vice President and chairman of the Grants committee. “The Foundation is committed to equipping physicians with the necessary leadership skills to practice medicine successfully amidst ongoing regulatory and administrative changes, and we are pleased to fund so many organizations that share that same goal.”

Examples of the grants awarded by The Physicians Foundation include:

  • Institute for Medical Quality: Stepping Up to Leadership Expansion – Physician leadership program that teaches effective communication, legal knowledge and management skills to physicians, chiefs of staff, department chairs and committee members. The grant will assist in expanding the California program to Texas and Washington, D.C.
  • The Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership – Statewide initiative to expand physician leadership capacity in Maine by supporting three state medical societies in establishing leadership programs. The grant will also assist in creating physician leadership case studies that can be used by other societies to advance program development in other states.

“There is a considerable need today for practicing physicians to effectively lead and oversee all elements of care, including clinical and operational responsibilities,” said Jill Silverman, president and CEO of the Institute for Medical Quality. “This grant support from The Physicians Foundation allows our organization to continue offering physicians in a multitude of practice arrangements the knowledge, confidence and non-medical leadership skills required to succeed in today’s healthcare environment.”

Since 2010, The Physicians Foundation has awarded 35 leadership grants across more than 20 states, totaling approximately $2.75 million.

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