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The Physicians Foundation Launches Leadership Award Program to Honor Early Career Physicians

Call For Nominations Open; Winners Will Receive Award to Elevate Efforts in Physician Practice

BOSTON, October 2, 2023 – Today, The Physicians Foundation announced the launch of its new Physicians Foundation’s Leadership Award Program to honor the next generation of physician leaders. Award recipients will be awarded $10,000 to elevate their efforts to address drivers of health (DOH) or to advance innovative solutions to make their communities or practices a healthier place for patients and physicians. The call for nominations is open through October 2023.

Nominations will fall into two award categories the Dr. Buz Cooper Award for Addressing Drivers of Health and the Medical Innovator Award.

  • The Dr. Buz Cooper Award for Addressing Drivers of Health: A recent survey from the Foundation found that while nearly all physicians agree that their patients’ health outcomes are affected by DOH, many physicians face challenges in addressing them. In alignment with the Foundation’s work to recognize and act on challenges related to DOH, this award honors a physician who has gone above and beyond to connect their patients with the social, economic, educational and environmental resources that they need for their overall health. The award’s namesake is Richard (Buz) Cooper, MD, author of Poverty and the Myths of Health Care Reform.
  • Medical Innovator Award: Because physicians are the foundation of our health care system, their ideas and perspectives are central to improving health care delivery across the United States. Therefore, The Physicians Foundation champions the role of physicians as stewards for high-quality, cost-efficient care. The Medical Innovator Award recognizes a physician who has innovated and successfully implemented a new solution to strengthen the physician-patient relationship, support their medical practice’s sustainability or navigate the changing health care system.

“To best ensure physicians remain the bedrock of our health care system, The Physicians Foundation is furthering our efforts to engage the next generation of physician leaders,” said Gary Price, MD, president of The Physicians Foundation. “In an era marked by healthcare challenges, our new Leadership Award Program will champion young physicians who have shown ingenuity in their pursuit of a more sustainable, patient-centric healthcare system.”

Nominations will be accepted through Oct. 31. Nominees should be physicians who are new or mid-career, meaning they have practiced fewer than 15 years, and who demonstrate physician leadership in the relevant award category. Award recipients will earn recognition on a national level and take part in thought leadership opportunities through the Foundation to share perspectives on improving health care delivery. Recipients will be publicly announced following an Award Ceremony in April 2024.

“Our latest survey demonstrates that younger physicians face tremendous challenges in the current healthcare landscape, which is why we must strive to support these early career physicians who will shape our health care future,” said Gary Price, MD, president of The Physicians Foundation. “Emerging physician leaders will play a key role in determining solutions that can better address DOH and provide high-quality, cost-efficient health care to all.”

For more information about Physicians Foundation’s Leadership Award Program and to apply for the award, visit this page.

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