New Jersey Healthcare Executive Leadership Academy

This project will continue The New Jersey Healthcare Executive Leadership Academy (NJHELA) for physicians, hospital and health plans executives in New Jersey. The leadership academy is a joint initiative of the foundations of both the Medical Society of New Jersey (MSNJ) and the New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA). This proposal builds on four years of collaborative work among MSNJ, NJHA and New Jersey Association of Health Plans (NJAHP).

Participants selected by each of the three project partners (30 total) will convene in-person to develop leadership skills and address the state’s leading healthcare issues as identified by the project partners. Seton Hall University will be serving as an academic partner, providing support around design, development, and implementation of the six month program. A combination of in-person sessions with follow up work in between will cover topics including but not limited to end of life issues, population health leadership, and conflict resolution. Triads (one representative from each partner) will work on group projects to develop a proposed solution to the state’s challenges around end of life care.

Grant Details

  • Organization Type: Medical society foundation
  • Categories:
  • Grant Size: $150,000
  • Year: 2017
  • State: NJ