Montana Medical Association Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program

The Montana Medical Association Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program project will build leadership capacity among Montana physicians in support of their professional success in an ever changing healthcare system through the use of leadership tools and intentional strategy. A “no-chance-for-failure” process has been designed and targeted for physician leaders who desire to become Highly-Engaged Future Makers™ creating results while representing the needs of their patients and other healthcare providers. The program, delivered in six monthly sessions, will develop leadership skills and create powerful connections that will enable participating physicians to propel decision making in a direction that will ensure their viability in their ideal practice setting and support the delivery of quality patient care. Enhancements will include the development and production of online leadership talks envisioned to support the concepts presented in the class, to serve as a refresher for alumni and introductory learning points for residents and other physicians.

The program’s inclusion of an advanced, second-tiered leadership learning and networking component concept for graduates will also continue as embraced and initiated in 2015. This advanced learning component includes a learning session and is timed to connect graduates with other physician leaders and legislative and governmental decision makers.

Grant Details

  • Organization Type: Medical society foundation
  • Categories:
  • Grant Size: $150,000
  • Year: 2019
  • State: MT